Monday, May 14, 2012

New Bicycle

2012 Cervelo RS in my driveway.

A confluence of events led me to pick this shiny new ride up from Bothell Ski and Bike on my birthday this year.  These events included the aforementioned birthday, my 41st cycle around the sun, as well as a healthy income tax return resulting from the mortgage interest deduction.  A friend joked to me that I just needed to add an "I" in front of the "RS" on the top tube.  Having put about 400 miles on it since then, I've gotta say that I love riding it.  It definitely seems stiffer at the BB than my Schwinn Peloton Pro, while also being more comfortable at the ass end, which is a worthy combination.  I'm still a little up in the air about the SRAM Rival components, but swapping the gruppo out with the 5 year old Shimano Ultegra from the Schwinn also seems like a non-starter.  Perhaps some future upgrades are in order?

The bike came with a free bike fitting, which was a very interesting and positive experience that I'd like to discuss at further length in a future post.

I would like to ride it across Canada in 2013 for the Tour du Canada.  It seems the perfect bike for that kind of day after day serious mileage event.