Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Discovery Park Hill Climb

This is a fun and short, but quite steep climb.  Having just descended this same route from the top of Discovery park, and turned around at the bottom while admiring the oft windswept shore to the west, we turn around and begin the climb to the flatter rolling area above the bluffs.

The climb starts out at a fairly reasonable gradient, but steepens just around the corner to the left.  The grade maxes out at 25.3%, according to the Strava segment for this climb, and it sure does feel steep for about half a km.  Indeed, it is a struggle to remain seated and spin up in even my lowest gears, and the proportion of the climb I can manage this is a generally good indicator of fitness.  But once it's been crested, there is some flat to be had before the road again stairsteps up and around to the descent down the other side of Magnolia.

This is only the beginning.
This climb frequently makes it into my coastal hill rides that are right around my area and more or less within Seattle city limits.