Sunday, September 28, 2014


We've had such a nice late Fall that I decided to get some late season mountain riding in and climbed up to Paradise from Ashford, located about 5 miles below the Ranger Station.  The climb mostly follows along the Nisqually River drainage, and is steady with a fairly low gradient.  Along the lower half of the climb, I was in mostly heavy mist, but it cleared up to reveal beautiful views as I gained elevation.

View from the top.

I took this one lonely picture from the top.  It's very difficult for me to stop as I'm making my way up the mountain, as I don't like to break my rhythm, the best thing is to just keep going.  Then, on the way down, I often promise myself that I'll stop at specific view points, but seldom can I muster the will to interrupt the descent.

One of the best things about riding to me is the state of getting in the flow, and stopping to take pictures, or even just getting the iPhone out from the jersey pocket seems an unwanted interruption to this mental state.

And the climb, which I have done once before, didn't seem as hard as I remembered it to be.