Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Washington Scenic Bikeways

Our WA State House has voted to pass a statewide network of scenic bikeways similar to those in Oregon. The bill just needs to pass the State Senate and be approved by Gov Inslee.

What excites me about this and led me to post is that, "Any person may propose the designation of a scenic bikeway route. The State Parks Commission will provide an opportunity for public comment on the proposed scenic bike route before determining a scenic bikeways designation."

What if this kind of thing leads to some kind of utopia in which some of our state's most beautiful roads have signage acknowledging cycling with education/ecouragement/enforcement for people both driving and cycling?

What routes in WA would you want to see on the list if it passes? Here's the Oregon site for inspiration.

I'd start by nominating the North Cascades Highway SR 20 between Newhalem and Winthrop and will give it some thought over the next days.