Thursday, May 6, 2010


I rode this event two years ago. It's the Constitution Hillclimb TT. This is early in the morning looking from the ferry to Orcas Island, and Mt Constitution is the one on the right. The stats on it are that it's a 7.6 mile ride with 2,475 feet of elevation gain. I did it two years ago in 54 minutes when I was just getting on the bike.

At one point, Carolyn ran next to me shouting that I was fast as she passed me. :-| That was right around the part that I almost lost my cookies.

The climb starts straight up from the line for about the first mile then follows a lake around for another mile or so before kicking up in earnest for about 3 miles, and finally easing to a false flat the last 2.

I registered for this today, and my goal is to do it in under 45 minutes, which I feel is ambitious but attainable if I am successful in metering out my effort so as not to blow up. Time will tell.