Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Weight

For my entire life, I've never really had any problems with extra weight; however, recently that has changed. Not that I'm fat, or anything, but there are aabout 5 extra pounds that came back over the course of the winter that seem this spring to be stubbornly attached around my midsection. Last season my goal was to be in the 150-155 pound range, and the pounds simply melted off as my spring mileage increased.

This season, though, despite upping my mileage, I remain firmly in the 157-158 pound range. What I have found that helps, is limiting my pace during rides to the low end of my aerobic range to train my body to burn fat, rather than glycogen. This agrees with much of what I've read on the subject, but I think that with having a job this year, my training time has been compressed, and I've tried to fit in more high intensity training in my limited time, without having as many longer, less intense efforts.

So, right now, even though I'm in a Build, I'm going to sacrifice a week of the higher intensity to try to get down to that 152 or so at which I feel my best.