Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Baby

I was hanging out chatting with my Velomihottie the other day, and happened to mention that I had gained about 8 pounds over the course of late November through now.  She remarked that 8 pounds is about the average weight of babies born in the US, and quickly made the connection that she should call my winter weight gain my "Winter Baby."  She's funny that way, which I love about her.

This has also given rise to other jokes, for instance, last weekend, I went on a fairly long steady ride without taking any calories along in order to burn some fat.  The idea is to burn the energy out of the legs first, and upon bonking, ride slow and steady to teach the body to burn fat.  This gave rise to all kinds of jokes about feeding the Winter Baby to my legs, which continues to be quite amusing to both Velomihottie and I.

Just thought I'd share.