Thursday, April 25, 2019

Riding Arizona

At the end of April I was afforded the opportunity to ride in the sunny, warm, and dry environs of Scottsdale while on a family trip.

I rode to Rio Verde, Stagecoach Pass, and Bartlett Lake.  It was very nice to visit and spend some time in temperatures in the ‘90’s, but also very dry and dehydrating, like spending one’s time in a hair dryer.  This was especially the case given that I had spent the previous weekend riding well beyond the snow line.

The end of the pavement at Rio Verde Road.
The area has many surrounding hills and mountains; however, unlike Seattle, they are long drags of 2-3 percent, rather than the short but steep coastal hills we have here.

Headed back homeward from Rio Verde.

Stagecoach Pass

The mountains here always seem to be in the distance.

Looking towards Bartlett Lake.  Note the power lines, as this ride heads toward a hydro electric generating lake.